Compressed air in the food industry

Let’s see how CMC helps companies in the food sector to use compressed air without risk of contamination of the final product

The role of compressed air in the food industry

Parma, defined as the capital of the Italian FOOD VALLEY, boasts an important network of companies and producer consortia and can count on a prestigious basket of PDO and PGI branded products (from Parmigiano Reggiano to Culatello di Zibello, from Prosciutto di Parma to Salame di Felino).
Excellent products that require high quality technologies and systems; compressed air in these systems is an essential component used in many aspects of production.
Food safety and brand reputation keep manufacturers of these foods vigilant about compressed air quality at all times, as it can affect food quality through contact and high-risk applications even without contact. CMC, based on the experience gained in more than 50 years of activity and presence in the territory, is able to give adequate answers to many companies operating in the food sector.
Depending on the industrial sector and the application, the quality and purity levels required change, but in general, compressed air is required to be free of contaminants (dust, water and oil) to maintain the characteristics of the final product unchanged and guarantee its safety. High quality compressed air is essential for the production of food and beverages from the compressor room to the point of use; CMC offers a wide portfolio of products, services and solutions that not only preserve product quality, but also improve energy efficiency and productivity targets.

The Food & Beverage applications for which we provide compressed air solutions are:

  • Transport and storage of products;
  • Filling, packaging and packaging;
  • Cooling, blowing and cleaning;
  • Fermentation and aeration;
  • Production of blow moulding (PET) and thermoforming containers.

To meet the strict requirements of product quality, in addition to providing compressed air treatment and filtration equipment, we can equip the compressor with Food-grade lubricating oil certified NSF category H1 (in accordance with FDA 21 CFR) suitable for contact with food products.