Air treatment


Eliminating the moisture normally present in compressed air is absolutely cost-effective: it extends the life and improves the reliability of equipment and systems, reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the air distribution system.

Refrigeration dryers

Refrigeration/refrigeration cycle dryers are a simple, economical and effective solution for reducing moisture and the resulting problems for different drying needs.

CMC provides energy-saving, high-efficiency recirculation dryers thanks to the intelligent automatic “NO LOSS” discharge that avoids unnecessary waste of compressed air.

These dryers provide a pressure dew point of +3 °C ±1.


Adsorption dryers

Adsorption dryers are the ideal solution for dehydrating compressed air, with much higher dew points than those achievable with refrigeration dryers (+3° C).

With adsorption dryers it is possible to obtain air with a dew point (under pressure) capable of ensuring optimal dehydration, from -20° C to -60/-70° C.

The combination of an absorption dryer with appropriate filters makes it possible to create purification units that meet the demand for a very high purity of compressed air.

The OILESS series units, while using lubricated compressors, which are simpler and cheaper than “oil-free”, in terms of investment, energy and maintenance costs, allow to obtain air free of oil.

The STERI series units, with a final stage of aseptic filtration, allow the compressed air to be purified, making it perfectly sterile. They can block all pollutants such as solid particles, germs, viruses and bacteria, which can affect the quality and authenticity of products, are suitable for applications in the packaging of drinks or food or even in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The MED series units allow to obtain air suitable for the medical field, eliminating not only the impurities of the compressed air, but also more insidious poisons such as CO, CO2 and others still present in the ambient air sucked by the compressor.

Refrigeration dryers – CPX series