Compressors and boosters

High pressure alternative boosters

The alternative hyperpressors allow to compress air and gas, sucked by the normal distribution network at 6-8-10 bar, up to a pressure of 45 bar; the compression group is air-cooled V-twin cylinder available in single-stage and two-stage versions.


Low rpm

Rotation speeds between 600 and 800 rpm for longer life of wear parts

Low energy consumption

The hyperpressor is used only when high pressure air/gas is needed

Easy installation

Possibility of keeping the normal air distribution network unchanged by placing the hyperpressor close to use

Compact dimensions

Extremely compact dimensions and low installed powers

Main fields of application

Blow molding of PET plastic containers

Testing and pressure testing of vessels, heat exchangers and other equipment

Operation of presses

Operation of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

High pressure boosters

The Booster is supplied mounted on a steel frame, with V-belt drive, automatic vacuum/load operation system, safety valve and delivery non-return valve. The following accessories are available: electrical panel, on/off line pressure switch or pressure transmitter, anti-vibration mounts and silencing cabin (only for models up to 20 bar).


Reduced dimensions

Extremely compact dimensions and low installed powers.

Low consumption

Reduced energy consumption, since the booster can only be used when high pressure air is required.

Easy to use

Keep the normal air network unchanged, placing the booster near the use