Compressed air in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry

Let’s see how CMC helps companies in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector to use compressed air without risk of contamination of the final product.

The role of compressed air in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry

Compressed air in modern plants is an essential component used in many aspects of production.
In most applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, high compressed air is required, free of continamination (dust, water and oil) and in some cases must be sterile.

Any contaminant, such as oil, can cause harm to the process, production downtime and product recall campaigns, resulting in economic and image damage. Production companies must therefore be able to rely on the highest quality air at all times, without compromise.

Main applications of compressed air in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors:

  • Process air: air that comes directly into contact with the products for cleaning, aeration and handling purposes.
  • Service air: to control and operate valves and cylinders of equipment used in the production process
  • Material handling: compressed air driven fluid pumping systems used in the presence of non-explosive volatile substances.
  • Nitrogen production: compressed air supplies a generator for on-site nitrogen production
  • Air barriers: compressed air is used as a barrier to create a protected and clean area
  • Drying of products: the air is mixed with the product to speed up the drying process.
  • Production and forming of the containers and bottles in which the product is packaged.

Contamination of compressed air by oils could have significant consequences for a company, from stopping production to costly product recalls.

Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, there should be no residue in the compressed air. In order to guarantee a sterile environment and not to run any risk of contamination, CMC is able to supply compressors with Food-grade non-toxic lubricating oil and equipment for treatment and filtration until sterile air is obtained.