Rotary screw air compressors

Variable displacement rotary screw air compressors

The rotary screw air compressors are single-stage air-cooled oil-injected electric compressors (optional water-cooled version available on some models), suitable for 24H duty. They are supplied ready for use in a soundproofing hood that reduces noise to a minimum, complete with electrical control panel.

The convenience of compressed air with variable speed

The compressors of the CPVSd, CPVS and CPVS PM series have direct coaxial transmission between the electric motor and the screw stage and variable flow control with an inverter. The inverter, inserted in the compressor’s electrical panel, regulates the speed of the electric motor for a perfect match between demand and compressed air production; it eliminates current peaks thanks to the gradual start and the no-load operating cycles when the load condition is above 20%.

For these reasons, variable flow control with inverters can save up to 30% of energy costs.

Energy costs represent about 70% of the total operating costs of the compressor over a period of 5 years. Reducing the operating costs of a compressor represents a great concern for the user.

The CPVS PM series compressors, in addition to direct coaxial transmission and variable flow control with inverters, include a permanent magnet electric motor that increases the overall efficiency of the compressor and allows energy savings of up to 45% compared to fixed speed machines.

The Permanent Magnet motor with IE4 efficiency and IP66 protection degree, is oil-cooled for an optimal temperature at all operating speeds.


Variable displacement rotary screw air compressors range

CPVSd series

Optimisation of energy consumption


Low noise level

The new direct drive screw unit and the acoustic insulation of the cowling guarantee a low noise level.

Easy and rapid maintenance

Easy and rapid maintenance thanks to replaceable components located near the front panel.


Unique control panel, specially programmed for energy saving. ES4000 advanced optional.

High quality compressed air

The CPVSd version with integrated dryer is also supplied with a condensate separator. The optional pre-filter further increases the quality of the compressed air.

Energy saving

The new generation of screw units in combination with the new inverter and direct drive results in a machine with great flexibility and efficiency.

CPVS Series

Maximize productivity with reliable compressed air solutions


Frequency converter

Saving of up to 30% due to the perfect match between demand and compressed air production

Centrifugal fan (optional)

High efficiency of cooling flow with low noise level

Integrated dryer (optional)

It saves space and ensures better air quality

Energy recovery (optional)

75% of the heat produced by the compressor can be recovered through energy recovery

ES4000 (Advanced)

Smart discharge cycles. Constant pressure control. Automatic restart

CPVS PM series

Excellence in operational efficiency and performance


iPM motor

Permanent Magnets with IE4 efficiency designed internally. Oil cooled for optimum temperature at all speeds.

Inverter Imperium

With its in-house design, it ensures a perfect match between air demand and supply.

Separate radiators

Separate oil/air cooler for high quality cooling and long lifespan of the cooling devices.

Centrifugal fan

High efficiency and low noise radial fan.

Controller ES4000T

Easy to use graphic touchscreen display with integrated connectivity (ICONS) for optimization and energy saving.