I'm looking for a compressor - May I ask you?
Sure! Our staff is at at your complete disposal to help you in the choice of the compressor and its accessories, we decide together on the basis of your needs the best solution
Could you recommend a compressor that will help me reduce electric consumption?
We can do even more. Thanks to a tool that we apply to your compressors you can measure the actual consumption of compressed air. At the end of the survey, normally a week, a detailed report proposes the optimal solution to save energy and thus return on investment in a short time.
If my compressor is in maintenance, could you give me a forklift while waiting for the repair?
Absolutely! We have forklifts to lend to our customers while your machine is being repaired. With Cmc you never run the risk of stopping production.
Compressor room. What do I have to do to be up to standard? Could you advise me on standards for tanks and their safety systems?
When we become the maintainers of your machines, we also take care of all parts, indicating what are the regulatory aspects to follow, advising you on the declaration of commissioning of the tanks, the periodic checks of the same, and the proper disposal of condensation.
Do you also support compressors other than your own?
Sure. Thanks to our and our technicians’ experience deriving from more than 50 years of presence on the market, we have the possibility of carrying out maintenance on every type of compressor. We are investing more and more in order to guarantee a better efficiency in the service and to consider ourselves reliable and present partners towards the final customer.
How long will it take to recover the extra investment of an inverter compressor?
Generally in 1-2 years under normal conditions and 4000 hours of operation per year. The recovery of the extra investment is frequently achieved within one year. We also advise our customers to check certain aspects of the growth decree with which they can have tax advantages that determine a further decrease in the period of return on investment.
Do you need any special recommendations regarding the ventilation of the compressor room?
All compressor rooms require ventilation.
Why does an inverter compressor save energy?
The main feature of variable displacement compressors with inverters is the saving of electrical energy. While a traditional compressor has a 0-100% flow rate regulation, at load (where it absorbs 100% of the power) and at vacuum (where it absorbs 30% of the power) where the absorption is given by the average working in these two phases, in a variable flow compressor the power absorption is proportional to the revolutions of the electric motor.
With a compressor well dimensioned for the real consumption of the system, and that therefore does not work at 70-80% of the air demand, it is possible to obtain an energy saving of up to 30%.
In variable flow compressors, due to its proportional control system, the in-line pressure remains almost constant on the set value, unlike in traditional on/off controlled compressors where the pressure fluctuates between a minimum and a maximum (generally with ΔP=1.5 bar) due to the regulation of the line pressure switch. This allows the operating pressure to be set at least one bar less than in a traditional compressor, which is equivalent to a further saving of about 7% of electrical energy.
What is the difference between a direct drive screw compressor and a belt compressor?
The two technologies have different operating costs and different flow rates with the same kw. The belt drive unit is less expensive but has an average additional energy consumption of 3%. It also requires periodic maintenance to adjust and replace the belt. The choice of the most appropriate technology depends on the customer’s needs.
How do I choose between a screw compressor and a piston compressor?
The choice between a piston and a screw compressor must be made according to the type of usage.
If the air flow rate between the two types of air machinery is the same, we will have a lower noise level by opting for screw compressors.
However, if you have to use your air compressor for longer, then the screw compressor is the best choice, since the piston model would oblige you to take breaks to cool both the piston and the cylinder.
In the industrial field screw compressors are more employed while in the hobby field it is more advisable to use a piston compressor.
The piston compressor is suitable for low air consumption and not continuous use.
Can I drain the condensate into the sewer?
The condensed water of the compressor is considered to all intents and purposes an industrial drain as it can contain variable quantities of oil and impurities that make it a polluting waste. This waste must therefore be managed as industrial waste or discharge.
You shall observe the civil and criminal penalties that are provided for and pay particular attention to the discharges released into the ground in the absence of any request and obtainment of authorization.