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Evolution is in the air

For over 50 years we have been serving our customers by providing the most technologically advanced solutions for the production and treatment of compressed air. We are a reliable partner able to provide the most suitable solution in terms of performance, optimization of energy consumption, and after-sales service tailored to the production needs of the customer.

CMC Parma

Specialists in the compressed air sector

For more than 50 years we have been providing advice on the design, installation and maintenance of your entire compressor room.

CMC services

360° technical assistance

CMC has trained and adequately equipped technicians able to provide an adequate service of periodic maintenance and constant control of your equipment, allowing you to maintain your plant efficient and in compliance with the safety standards in force.

CMC has a new look

New CMC logo unveiled

Here’s the second half of CMC. After our first 50 years we decided to renew a bit our symbol that was a real must of CMC. The new logo, more modern in shape, looks forward. CMC over the years… a continuous evolution in the air. Happy second half to all.

Technologies for compressed air

CMC Quality, experience and service for the compressed air industry

Since 1968 CMC (Costruzioni Meccaniche Compressori) has been present on the Italian and foreign markets as a supplier of machinery and technologies in the compressed air sector. Born as a manufacturer of piston compressors, at the end of the 70’s, one of the first in Italy, it built and marketed rotary screw compressors in silent execution. Following the evolution of the market, the proposal has been expanded with variable displacement rotary compressors with inverters to ensure significant energy savings. This 50-year experience allows us today to offer ourselves as a qualified partner in the field of compressed air and some technical gases.


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Non-lubricated Alternative Compressors

Non-lubricated Alternative Compressors

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    Highlight products

    High pressure boosters

    Lubricated piston boosters compress air and nitrogen up to 45 bar, air and other gases taken from the normal network at 6-8 bar; they are in the single-stage and two-stage version, with air-cooled cylinders and low rpm. These machines are also suitable for compressing nitrogen. Among the main applications: blowing of PET plastic containers, testing and pressure testing of containers, heat exchangers and other equipment, operation of presses and operation of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

    Non lubricated compressors

    Oil-Free” dry reciprocating compressors and boosters, water cooled, with pressures up to 40 bar. These compressors, suitable for treating various types of gases (air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc..) are suited to be used in all those applications where the presence of traces of oil is undesirable (plastic industry for blowing PET containers, food, pharmaceutical, electronics, etc..). The series of machines available allows to cover a wide range of capacities and pressures.

    Screw compressors

    Rotary electric compressors from 3 to 420 HP, pressures 8/10/13 bar. These machines of the oil injection type are
    air-cooled and in silent execution.
    Variable displacement rotary electric compressors with inverter, from 10 to 420 HP. These compressors, adapting the energy consumption to demand, allow to save up to 30% of the energy normally dissipated by traditional control systems.
    Rotary electric compressors with power from 3 to 35 HP, pressures 8/10/13 bar, in integrated version mounted on 200/270/500 litre tank and complete with refrigeration cycle dryer and filters.

    CMC A complete range of compressors and boosters for a wide variety of applications.

    • Rotary screw compressors up to 420 hp and pressures of 8 / 10 / 13 bar
    • Direct drive rotary screw compressors with inverter and permanent magnets
    • Oil-free lubricated reciprocating compressors and hyperpressors up to 45 bar
    • High pressure alternative hyperpressors for pressures up to 45 bar
    • Low/medium capacity reciprocating piston compressors
    • Lubricated reciprocating compressors with low flow rates and pressures up to 40 bar

    CMC Parma