Auxiliary equipment for air treatment

Air treatment

Compressed air in modern plants is an essential component used in many aspects of production. Depending on the industry and application, the quality and purity levels required change.

We can advise and supply the most suitable auxiliary equipment for the storage and treatment of compressed air; storage tanks, refrigerant and adsorption dryers to eliminate humidity, filters to eliminate contaminants (dust and oil) and condensate separators to filter the polluting condensation produced by the plant.

Refrigeration dryers

Reliable supply of clean, dry compressed air

AIRNet piping system

AIRnet is a reusable aluminium piping system designed in accordance with EN 13480-3 to provide a fast and reliable distribution network of compressed air, nitrogen and vacuum

Compressed air and gas filters

To solve the problem of impurities in atmospheric air

Water/oil separators

Effective condensate treatment with environmentally friendly technology

Air tanks

Stable storage and air flow for reliable functioning of the compressed air system