Compressors and boosters

Rotary screw air compressors


The rotary screw air compressors are single-stage air-cooled oil-injected electric-compressors (water-cooled version available on some models) and they are suitable for 24h functioning. They are supplied ready for use in a soundproofing hood that reduces noise to a minimum and they are equipped with electrical control panel.


For over 40 years we have been offering compressors for professional and industrial use, with particular attention to the following aspects:



They use a high-performance profile screw stage over the entire speed range


High quality screw stage and components


These compressors are built with particular attention to maintainability and operating costs, making parts subject to routine maintenance easily accessible.
Versions are available on base, on accumulation tank and equipped with dryer and filters, with variable flow regulation with inverter and with permanent magnet motors. Thanks to various options, these compressors are suitable for special applications and for particular conditions of use.

High-performance compressors designed for you

Belt drive rotary screw air compressors

CPM series, CPA series, CPC series, CPD series

Direct drive rotary screw air compressors

CPBg series, CPC-G series, CPD-G series, CPE series, CPF series

Variable flow rotary screw air compressors

CPVSD series, CPVS series, CPVS PM series