Compressed air in industrial coating

Let’s see how CMC helps companies in the industrial painting sector to use compressed air without the risk of ruining the final product or the machinery.

The role of compressed air in industrial coating

The compressed air sector sees in the coating sector many fields that vary from small body shop to industrial coating. All the companies in the sector need to work without condensation to avoid damaging the product or even the machinery. In this case it is important to have drying and filtration that allow these works to be carried out adequately.

What CMC offers for industrial coating

CMC is able to verify and to support the customer not only in the sale of the compressor and in the assistance of the same, but CMC is also on the customer’s side even in the maintenance of the entire compressed air room and all the parties involved, to verify that the dryers always maintain a dew point congruous to avoid the formation of condensation in the lines and a degree of filtration that allows you to perform the work without danger of stopping production due to damage to the machinery. We recommend the use of adsorption dryers to those who have sophisticated machinery that must not have contact with any type of condensation. We will be happy to explain the use of these dryers as well.