Variable displacement rotary screw compressors

CPVSd series

7,5 – 37 Kw

The new design, exclusively dedicated to variable speed applications, guarantees maximum energy savings, greater flexibility and a low operating costs. Thanks to the air tank, integrated dryer and numerous options available to improve air quality, the installation meets any need for compressed air.

Optimisation of energy consumption

– Inverter technology to reduce costs and save up to 30% energy
– High efficiency screw assembly ensures low power consumption and long lasting performance over time
– High efficiency direct drive
– Protection of the compressed air system from rust and corrosion (dryer, air filter, etc.)
– Intuitive and easy to use control panel


  1. ES4000 Controller
  2. Inverter
  3. Air/oil separator tank
  4. Air filter
  5. Integrated refrigeration dryer
  6. Final filter (only with dryer)


  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Easy and fast controls thanks to the electronic controller
  • Cleaning and maintenance by a single operator
  • Front oil level inspection indicator
  • All serviceable components are located at the front for optimum accessibility
  • Positionable by forklift truck (2 lifting sides) or pallet truck (1 lifting side)
  • All-in-one compact system

CPVSd 10-20 series 

CPVSd 21-50 series

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