Variable displacement rotary compressors

CPVS PM 60-95 series

The CPVS PM range combines variable speed technology and direct drive with the permanent magnet motor, taking the energy efficiency of the compressor to a higher level and saving energy up to 45%, compared to fixed speed machines. Designed to meet customer needs, the CPVS PM range delivers outstanding performance at a minimum energy cost.

Optimisation of energy consumption

– Inverter technology to reduce costs and save up to 30% energy
– High efficiency screw assembly ensures low power consumption and long lasting performance over time
– High efficiency direct drive
– Protection of the compressed air system from rust and corrosion (dryer, air filter, etc.)
– Intuitive and easy to use control panel

Excellence in operational efficiency and performance

With CPVS PM, reliable productivity becomes standard. Maintenance-free components allow for longer uptime, while long-life consumables ensure low total cost of ownership. Last but not least, this range design proven by thousands of installations around the world.

A revolutionary product range with pioneering components

  1. Filtering panel
  2. Electronic controller
  3. Oil filter
  4. Air filter
  5. Air radiator
  6. Oil cooler
  7. Inverter
  8. Integrated dryer
  9. Oil separation tank
  10. Centrifugal fan
  11. Screw element
  12. Permanent Magnet Motor (iPM)

CPVS PM 60-95 HP series

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