Direct drive rotary screw air compressors

CPF series

132 – 315 Kw

The CPF ranges offer a flexible choice of compressors from 175 to 340 HP. Compressors have fixed speed with gear transmission. They are designed for maximum uptime, ensuring easy and long functioning and minimal operating costs.

Time-tested reliability

All compressor components are carefully selected. The design is based on advanced technology and production is subject to strict certification and testing procedures. The intelligent Airlogic controller ensures flexible monitoring as does the filtration system, which is designed for long life.

High-level performance

The pumping unit contains two asymmetrically profiled rotors mounted on high-quality bearings connected to the IE3 electric motor through a gear drive. This guarantees maximum efficiency and reliability over time. The ventilation is highly efficient thanks to the adjustable speed turbines and the efficient cooling of the oversized aluminium radiators.

Easy maintenance

Easy access for maintenance thanks to the panels on the cover that can be easily removed. The internal elements have been carefully designed and positioned to offer easy access to all operating parts with no need for special tools. In addition, the Airlogic, an integrated central controller, allows a clear maintenance programme for planning future interventions.

Easy installation and use

All compressors have a low noise level, to adapt to most operating environments. The compressor is designed to be positioned even on flat surfaces without special foundations. All connections are accessible from the same side for easy installation. Even the expulsion of hot air is easily conveyed from the roof.

Fixed speed and air volume

Our CPF compressors, with fixed speed control, use loading/unloading control. The compressor switches to discharge mode as soon as the set pressure is reached, then starts the regular operating cycle again when the pressure drops below the minimum level. This ensures a constant air flow.

Robust and powerful compressor

  1. IE3 High Performance Motor
  2. Gear transmission
  3. Screw unit
  4. Suction filter supplied as standard
  5. Smart Controller
  6. Oil separator tank designed in-house
  7. Drain water separator as standard
  8. Cooling fan
  9. Separate air/oil chillers

CPF 180-340 series

CPF 271-420 series

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