Direct drive rotary screw air compressors

CPBg series

22 – 37 Kw

Very high reliability thanks to the new pumping unit combined with a robust gear drive and the premium efficiency of the electric motor. The optimized arrangement of the components and the large oil separator guarantee total ease-of-use.

Robust, reliable, efficient.

Thanks to the new and robust design of the CPBg series compressors, you can rely on the high quality compressed air required for general industrial applications. The high efficiency of the range will increase production while keeping operating costs low. Components are carefully selected to offer maximum reliability and high productivity. In addition to low noise levels, this series of compressors ensures ease of transport, installation and maintenance.


  1. Screw unit
  2. Electric motor
  3. Oil filter
  4. Integrated refrigeration dryer (optional)
  5. Axial fan
  6. Inlet air filtration panel
  7. Condensate separator (optional)
  8. Controller
  9. Air/oil separator tank
  10. Electrical panel


  • Internally designed screw units
  • Coaxial direct drive
  • Continuous use and hard working conditions
  • Easy maintenance
  • Complete and compact solution
  • Low noise levels allow installation close to the workplace

CPBg 20-50 series

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