Belt-driven rotary screw compressors

CPD series 

55 – 75 Kw

The CPD series has been designed for large installations to meet your needs. Compact, easy to install and use, the range stands out for its quality and robustness.

The perfect alignment of the panels and the possibility of installation close to the walls, are among the other great advantages of this range.



The particular care in the analysis of the air flows inside the machine, the use of suitable panels with anti-noise traps, the attention in the assembly of the various components, the absence of transmitted vibrations, ensure low noise levels compared to other compressors in the same segment.

Easier maintenance

All internal parts are easily accessible for inspection and maintenance without wasting time.


A careful analysis of the cooling air flows inside the machine, the forced cooling with an electric fan and the absence of heat pockets allow to maintain a correct thermal balance and to have an optimal value of the compressed air temperature at the supply. A correct operating temperature is a guarantee of reliable operation over time.


All internal parts are easily accessible for inspection and maintenance without wasting time.

Air canalization

The machine has been designed to allow a simple installation of the air duct both at the inlet and at the outlet.
The incoming air is conveyed to the rear, while the outgoing air is conveyed from the top of the machine.
It is thus possible, in the cold season, to recover up to 90% of the heat otherwise dispersed and, in the hot season, to avoid overheating of the compressor room.


The high efficiency of the pump and the electric motor, the ES 4000 intelligent shutdown control and a low specific consumption allow to minimize environmental impact.

An industry standard for ease of use and maintenance

The CPD range of oil-injected belt driven screw compressors is a true standard in the industrial sector. Components have been carefully selected to ensure optimum quality and reliability. Overall dimensions are reduced thanks to the smart drive system and to the arrangement of component mounting components, performance is guaranteed by the internally designed screw assembly.


  1. Inlet air filtration panel
  2. Emergency stop
  3. Controller
  4. Air filter
  5. Oil cooler
  6. Air radiator
  7. Air/oil separator tank

CPD 75-100 series

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