Belt-driven rotary screw compressors

CPC series

30 – 45 Kw

The CPC series has been designed for large installations to meet your needs. Compact, easy to install and use, the range stands out for its attention to quality and robustness.

The perfect alignment of the panels and the possibility of installation close to the walls are among the other great advantages of this range.


All main operating components are accessible from the front. Doors with removable hinges allow full access to components.


Axial cooling fan independent from the chiller and a greater inflow of chilled air ensure lower energy consumption.

Belt-driven transmission

Intelligent tensioning system for long belt life for easier and low-cost maintenance.


Electronic control panel with colour graphics.

An industry standard for ease of use and maintenance

The CPC range of oil-injected belt driven screw compressors is a true standard in the industrial sector. Components have been carefully selected to ensure optimum quality and reliability. Overall dimensions are reduced thanks to the smart drive system and to the arrangement of component mounting components, performance is guaranteed by the internally designed screw assembly.


  1. Inlet air filtration panel
  2. Emergency stop
  3. Controller
  4. Air filter
  5. Oil cooler
  6. Air radiator
  7. Air/oil separator tank

CPC 40-50-60 series

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