Rotary screw compressors with belt drive

CPA series 

5,5 – 15 Kw

Design and philosophy have evolved to meet costumers’ new needs and CPA series is born. A product for undisputed ease of use, reliability and long life, that make this series “the quintessential range of screw compressors” thanks to its efficiency in harsh and intense working conditions.

Dry and clean air

Thanks to its integrated dryer and line filter it produces dry and clean air, for any need. The absence of moisture and solid and liquid particles does not compromise or damage the pneumatic equipment.

Oversized air-oil separators

The CPA series is designed to offer an extremely low residual oil content. Th air-oil separator has a large oil separation area, which also reduces pressure drop and improves energy efficiency.

Cutting-edge design

The CPA series is the latest generation of “all-in-one” as it includes 270 or 500L tank, refrigeration dryer, automatic condensate drain and line filter for removing impurities.


  • Internally designed screw units
  • Use in continuous and hard working conditions
  • Long lasting belts and reliable tensioning system for excellent performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Complete and compact solution
  • Low noise levels allow installation close to the workplace


  1. Emergency stop
  2. Controller
  3. Oil cooler
  4. Air/oil separator tank
  5. Air filter

CPA 7-20 series

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