Technical support for compressors


CMC offers an accurate service of technical and after-sales support to ensure your compressor’s efficiency and reliability over time.

The supply of a compressor and compressed air systems is only the first step in the relationship between us and our customers.

An accurate technical and after-sales support is meant to guarantee compressors’ efficiency and reliability over time. Thanks to its trained and suitably equipped technicians, CMC is able to provide a periodic maintenance service and constant control of your equipment, also allowing you to eliminate harmful production downtime and to maintain the machinery in compliance with current safety standards.

The advantages of entrusting CMC with the periodic maintenance of your system are:

  • Have the guarantee that all the equipment included in your compressed air plant (compressors, dryers, filters, etc.) will be checked, preserved and maintained in compliance with the laws in force.
  • To be informed in advance by our technical office, in order to plan the interventions properly.
  • Be sure to entrust the maintenance to a company that operates with experienced and qualified personnel, with adequate means and equipment, which operates according to the rules in force on safety, rules for waste disposal and collective employment agreement.
  • Have a spare parts warehouse with more than 10,000 items, of which more than 3,000 are ready for delivery.

To request technical information and spare parts, please send us an e-mail with the following pieces of information:

  • Compressor type
  • Compressor model
  • Serial number
  • Year of construction of the compressor
  • Description of the technical problem
  • Spare parts list (refer to the technical manual)

Scheduled maintenance

We guarantee our customers a maintenance schedule in order to ensure the efficiency of your machines and to decide with you an adequate maintenance at predetermined times and days to avoid production downtime.

Assistance on third party compressors

We are able to intervene on any type of machine, therefore do not hesitate to call us also for compressors other than CMC. Our technicians are trained and constantly updated to meet the needs of all machine types.

Spare parts for compressors

We have a spare parts warehouse with 5000 master data, 2000 of which are ready for delivery. We are able to have the spare part delivered to you in a very short time.